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Four Years on DeviantART

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 25, 2014, 2:03 PM
  It's been four long years and three months now since I finally joined DeviantART to help realize my dream of becoming an artist. I meant to post something like this three months ago with a celebratory piece, but life happens. A lot of that has happened, actually. I've entered college, which has consumed most of my time, learned to drive, decided to hold off on getting my license because neither me or my parents can afford to pay for my insurance. I joined this site after having moved away from the only life I had known; my friends, family and home. Since then, I have also lost many other things. I came close to death, having nearly starved to nothing, because I had a disease that kept me from holding my meals in, against my own will. Fortunately, by my strength, blessed upon me by the Almighty, I survived long enough to undergo surgery. Barely. That was at the end of several months I was tortured by this life-threatening disease and my condition remained undiagnosed.

  By the grace of God, they finally discovered what had plagued me all those months, but I'll spare you most of the details, so as not to bore you. Even after surgery, life was a struggle, but I was so grateful to be able to eat again, and without excruciating pain after and during meals. Soon after, my cat that I had known all my life had to be put to sleep, within that same week, my Great-grandmother passed on. My family as a whole was heartbroken. There wasn't one of us who didn't mourn her out of our love and respect for her. After that, I unknowingly let a girl I was fond of slip away. Not long after, I lost my close friend Amy-Jane to a crazed murderer and my older sister, Erin to cancer...Life hasn't been easy since, but having made over a dozen friends here at college, I have been less prone to focusing on the numerous incidents of heartbreak in my life. The Post Traumatic Stress has moved on for the most part, so I just wish it would be easier on my folks...we all miss Erin, very much. My niece and nephew are all we have left of her and they live Louisiana now, with their dad, Jason. I know Jason and his friends and family suffer just as much and more than me, I'm sure, but it hit my folks the hardest.

  As I'm sure some of your will be curious or surprised about my journal skin, I probably should explain myself some; before I lost Amy and my sister, I heard about the craze that the new generation of MLP was creating, and to my surprise, when it didn't die down after a year and only continued to grow exponentially, I decided to investigate, since I expected that series to die, because of what they previously  had made it in to. Deciding to try an episode, with a very skeptical mind, I went for "Sonic Rainboom", because it sounded cool--and I was blown away; I was laughing and being awed by this show, so at the end of the show I was stunned and flabbergasted. I wanted to see more and couldn't believe it. Pinkie Pie was a character that reminds me of Amy and it always seemed to me like they were kindred spirits. Going on into watching season four now, I can't help but be reminded of her, which is actually a huge comfort to me, which (along with the joy the show brings me in general) competes against my grief. MLP:FIM is just a great show for people who value others, love stories, care about basic morality, surprisingly engaging and deep characters, clean fun or just want a good laugh. Rainbow Dash is definitely my favorite character overall, with Luna being my favorite royalty and Discord as my favorite villain. Trust me; most people lose their skepticism after seven episodes usually. It's a lot more than it seems. Lauren Faust really knew what she was doing when she agreed to save that show from the scrap heap. Rest assured, even if I start drawing FIM art, I'll still be a Sonic artist. Besides, I still have a ton of Sonic related ideas to draw.

  As for why I came here four years ago, I wanted a place to gain some confidence in myself, some skill, and plenty of feedback as I  experimented with and developed my characters. To my disappointment, due to entering college, the majority of my progress has been in writing, although, I've made great progress in that sense, outlining the basic plot of my (hopefully) will-be online Sonic Universe Fan-expansion comic. I feel the need to finalize the designs of my thirty-three plus characters, practice until I'm comfortable drawing them and figure out how to format comic pages, since I want to start off strong. That is quite a lot, in fact.  I've had so little time to draw and so much more time to think, that my plans have overshot my progress by a mile and more. I may not have not drawn nearly as much as I've wanted, but I have improved greatly without much practice. I've also decided to experiment more drastically with character designs. Right now I'm considering the option of making Amelia a gold-furred Wolf, instead of a pink-furred Hedgehog, to make her more resemble the person she's based off of and splitting David Bradley "Kai" Malaver into two characters, since he based off of two friends of mine with differing personalities.

Amelia the Hedgehog by FireheartTheInferno Kai Malaver the Wolf: Colored Original by FireheartTheInferno

Recently, to relax, I've been playing Pokemon X online, kicking arse and taking names with my Sandstorm team. I wish there were less rookies with teams full of legendaries, but I guess I can't complain, since I pwn them totally and completely, even when Darkrai is involved. It's the only legendary that ever gives me trouble. Anyway, overall life is much more enjoyable and much less depressing. Certainly as crazy as ever, but enjoyable. I'm very glad to have good grades, my discovered skill at sharpshooting under 700 yards with a sniper rifle, and fantastic friends to turn to (my great friends and patient watchers on dA included). I wish I had more time to show my appreciation, but for now I'll post some thumbnails of some of my best drawings and photos for old time's sake.

Rancher Gear of the American West by FireheartTheInfernoTribal Wolf by FireheartTheInferno
Sheer Cliff Mountain -- Palm Tree Panic Zone by FireheartTheInfernoIf it's a fight you want, it's a fight you'll get! by FireheartTheInfernoProfile: Anti-Mace the Echidna (2008-2012) by FireheartTheInfernoWarpaint the Werewolf by FireheartTheInfernoDaalia the Noble Dragon (sketch) by FireheartTheInfernoBonsai Tree in Ink by FireheartTheInferno

.:WIP:. Cassiopiea the Amazonian Leopard by FireheartTheInfernoCassiopeia Scetch #2 - Work In Progress by FireheartTheInfernoColab: Enter the Fire Piranha Plant (For DJ) by FireheartTheInferno
 Perched Viceroy by FireheartTheInfernoFiresky Sunset by FireheartTheInferno

    I thank you all, and I hope the next four year will be even more productive! Maybe I'll even get my comic kicked off here by then. It could happen. I'll be long graduated from my current college and moving on to a university to finish my Bachelor's of Arts. I'm going to aim for the stars and I seldom miss completely (;

  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: Pokemon Reorchestrated
  • Playing: Pokemon X
  • Drinking: Water


'Friends call me Mace
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United States
○----Personal Info----○

► Persona Name: Mace Direwolf
► Real Name: Classified
► Nickname(s): Kai, Luke, Wolfman, Mace, Malice, Mal, and Indiana James
► Species of Persona: Echidna (Tachyglossus aculeatus) / Wolf (Canis lupus)
► Gender: Male♂
► Age: 18
► Height: 5' 3"
► Weight: 131
► Birthdate: June, 24th
► Star Sign: Cancer/ Virgo
► Birthstone: Moonstone, Sapphire
► Lucky Number: 7
► Martial Status: Single
► Personal Element(s): Earth and Fire
► Persona Alignment: Feigns Neutral, but is secretly Hero

► Likes: Close friends, Music, chilling, videogames, weight lifting and practicing martial arts, sleeping, challenging myself, a lone time for thinking, stargazing
► Favorite Foods/Drinks: Cheese, meat, milkshakes/ice cream, ramen noodles, ginger ale, lemonade
► Favorite Color(s): Blue, Green, Red, Orange & Silver

► Persona's Occupation: Mercenary Gangleader

► Dislikes: Being cold, bright lights, high-pitched sounds, politics, losing
► Theme Song: Headstrong by Trapt
► Personal Quote: "I won't give up until I give it my all."

.: When you Open Your Heart, you can Live and Learn how to Fly Into Freedom and Never Turn Back. In His World you have Endless Possibility so It Doesn't Matter if you Reach for the Stars. I will show my enemies What I'm Made Of :.

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Current Residence: North America
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Favourite genre of music: Rock, Hard Rock, Classic Rock, Techno, Jazz
Favourite style of art: Anime and Manga
Operating System: Windows
Favorite cartoon character: Knuckles the Echidna
Personal Quote: "I won't give up until I give it my all."


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Powers: Stealth, hunting ability, enhanced senses of smell and hearing, as well as strength and stamina.

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Artistic-Twist Apr 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
New Username I see? XD 
FireheartTheInferno Apr 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh yeah, heh, I wanted something like this since I first have the chance to change usernames,
but I decided on a cool placeholder instead, and now, since I've had a little time,
I decided it needed a more personal touch--something more suiting of my personality.
Do you like it?
Ila-Mae Apr 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Love your new username, Kai. ~
FireheartTheInferno Apr 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you kindly, Ila! I appreciate the compliment. It rather suits me well;
Namely, I may have a fiery temperament often, but I keep it under check.
Under that, I'm burning passion and all heart (; And it seems all that warmth
actually makes me a bit of a softie on the inside (Ahahahaha!)
Ila-Mae 10 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
LOL, I see. XD
Welcome and thanks for speeding by to join :iconsonic-boom-hub:

We are so happy you decided to become a part of our community celebrating the new Booming spin on the franchise, as well as the Sonic stuff we all know and love. I hope you’ll enjoy your stay here and find a few more reasons to follow our favorite Hedgehogs, Fox and Echidna. ^^
FireheartTheInferno Mar 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
And thank you for the invitation. I'm sure I will enjoy it as I'm pretty enthusiastic about the series and introductory game.
AngelZoe Feb 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey man, its been a while since we spoke <3
FireheartTheInferno Mar 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, hey! How are you?
AngelZoe Mar 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Staying busy XD What's up with you?
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