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Mace Direwolf 5.0 Colab with Ila Mae: WIP by FireheartTheInferno
Mace Direwolf 5.0 Colab with Ila Mae: WIP
Mace has come a long way! It's not quite there yet, but I'm pretty certain that I'll be making this design his "official" look when I put my characters in their own comic and that's pretty exciting!

VERSION 3.5: Profile (2008-2012): Mace Direwolf the Anti-Mobian

VERSION 4.0: If it's a fight you want, it's a fight you'll get!

Current Character Profile Text:

Character Bio:

Fire-Heart Mace Direwolf the Mercenary


Inspiration: Character based off Archie Comic's portrayal of the Sonic the Hedgehog universe, and more specifically, (Future) Mace the Echidna

Full Name:

Kneecapeon Mace the Echidna of Anti Mobius/Moebius (formerly)

Fire-Heart (Or Fireheart) Mace Direwolf of Mobius Prime

Nicknames/Alias (in order received):

Kneecaps (A shortened version of his real first name),

Little Slug - A derogatory nickname given to him by other "voluntary recruits", during his time captured aboard the sky pirate ship, the Dreddlock.

■ Malice - A pirate nickname nickname given to him by Captain Victor Dredd, during his time as a "pirate-in-training" aboard the sky pirate flagship, the Dreddlock.

Mace - He prefers to go by his middle name, because he dislikes his birthname.

■ Wolfie - An affectionate nickname, of which he is quite fond of, given to him by his friend Amelia.

Dead-Eye Mace - A nickname derived from his formal name, and from account of his sound aim with mid-sized firearms.

Red Avenger – One of his com-link codenames, derived from his fur color and justice-driven nature.

The Red Rascal - A nickname given to him by his enemies (most notably Robotnik and his Sub-bosses who help him control his territories), whom know only his color of his fur and used by those bitter at Mace because of him  and his gang's underground operations to encourage rebellion and sabotage their plans.

Age: Seventeen

Species/Race: Echidna (Tachyglossus aculeatus) and Wolf (Canis lupus)


The Knuckles Clan (formerly)

The Wolf Pack (currently)

Gender: Male

Height: 72 marks

Weight: 135 lbs

IQ: 155

Marital Status: Single

DOB (Date of Birth): September 15th, 3236

Place of Birth: Moebius (a.k.a. Anti-Mobius or the evil parallel dimension to Mobius Prime)

Prime Self - Kneecapeon Mace the Echidna

Residence: Prowler Gang Headquarters – Sheer-Cliff Mountain, The Palm Tree Panic Zone - The Little Planet

Occupation: Mercenary

Social Class: Gang Leader

Economic Class: Middle

Alignment: Neutral/Hero

Top Speed: 97 mph

Basic Character Stats:
Speed - 3
Strength - 7
Defense - 7
Evasion/Agility - 5
Dexterity - 5
Intelligence - 7
Skill - 7

Attacks Techniques:

Drill Claw
Spiral Uppercut
Charge Punch
Mace Smash
Spin-Dash (rarely used)
Hammer Punch
Knuckle Slam
Power Flash
Quake Punch (Down-powered form of Anarchy Rupture; see below)

Abilities & Talents & Interests:

    §   Hobbies:

    o    Flying

    o    Target Shooting

    o    Stargazing

    o    Swimming

    o    Treasure Hunting

    o    Rock Climbing

    §   Chaos Powers – Chaos-Enhanced Pyrokinesis, which is Cobalt Blue in color):

    o    Anarchy Rupture: A Chaos-assisted slam against the ground, using a fist or a foot, which causes a concentrated, 1 meter wide, fiery shockwave to scorch a direct line front of him for several yards. 

    o    Fireball (pretty self explanatory) & Fire Dunk: Mace makes a jet-boosted jump, then uses gravity to assist the spread of a burst of flame.

    §   Martial Arts

    §   Digging

    §   Wall Climbing

Weaknesses/Character Imperfections:

Magic-based powers
Sonics (High-pitched or high-frequency sound waves)
Electric currents
His fears: Failure, rejection & sometimes, centipedes
Anxiety issues that at the worst can cause him panic attacks
His generally headstrong and aggressive nature
■ He’s also rather territorial, but that’s to be expected
for someone's who's part wolf
Exceptionally attractive women (from his subjective view) will find him susceptible to their wiles, if he’s not on his guard

- Personal facts -
Friends: Felix “Fenix” Wright the Hedgehog, Kai Malaver the Wolf, Pierce “Zip” Blitzer the Hyena, Amelia the Wolf, Daalia the Dragoness, "Brad the Bear" (the Wolf), Izo the Shiniobi (ninja) and Cassiopeia “Cassi” Panthera
Rivals: Felix "Fenix" Wright, Ashton
, Angele Kyron and her gang
Enemies: Scourge the Hedgehog (Anti-Sonic), Dr. Ivo Robotnik and his sub-bosses, Angele Kyron, Warpaint aka "Moon-Blood" the Werewolf, Salvador Das Serpentes, Minerva Lance the Bobcat, Baasch Von Hytehund, and mob boss Slate Alacancer of the Yakuza
Known relatives:
Anti-Locke (father), Anti-Lara-Le (mother), Anti-Knuckles (brother; possibly deceased), Nacoma Direwolf (adoptive mother), Adohi Direwolf (adoptive grandfather)
Likes/Favorite activities:
Loyal friends, hanging with his gang (or occasionally other friends), playing holo-vid games, listening to music, training his skills (most likely is his HQ's Training Room), snoozing in his captain's chair, having alone time to meditate and think, stargazing, challenging himself
Dislikes/Least favorite activities:
Someone trying to touch his hat, friends (or allies) of Doctor Robotnik, losing to his enemies or someone he deems less skilled than himself, Heavy Metal (music), being told what to do, being woken up from sleep, his real first name: "Kneecapeon", Dingoes.
Gourmet of choice:
</i> Cheese (any that smells good), Meat (almost all kinds), ice cream (on occasion)
Beverages of choice:
Milkshakes (whenever he can get his hands on them), Lemonade, and Apple cider
Favorite color(s):
Blue, Green, Red and Orange

Star Sign: Virgo

Personality: Similar to many of both sides of male kin his age, Fire-Heart (or more commonly known as Mace) is aggressive and hot-headed, though he doesn't show it much. Being generally thick-skinned, he maintains a high tolerance. Mace's is quite withdrawn and skeptical when in the presence of someone he dislikes or doesn't know well. Unless you've earned his trust, it's almost impossible to make him a friend. Mace will only give his trust to those who earn it from him. His trust is hard-earned, but once it is earned, he become much more open, with his loyalty steadfast and unwavering. (Unless they prove themselves otherwise).

 Mace's morality is sound and he holds firm to his honor, believing it is of utmost importance. Mace is completely loyal to his beliefs, and follows his own rules and guidelines for behavior faithfully. Mace also has a strong sense of justice. Should he catch sight of someone unfairly matched, or being brutally wounded, he'll most likely intervene. A bit of a loner at times, Mace tends to be predominantly quiet and reserved in public, but he'll show his true thoughts and personality when he's alone with friends. He does have a short temper if someone tries to ‘push his buttons’, so you have to be careful when dealing with him. Provoking him ruthlessly or rubbing him the wrong way will only lead to one thing; all Hell breaking loose if he reaches his boiling point. If Mace gets angry enough, it could cloud his normally sound judgment as does the presence of anyone he hates. Mace's aggressive personality can also bring this about, but it seldom happens, and it doesn't last long, because for the most part he's quite level-headed. Even though Mace is (for the majority) only outright hating toward those considered scum, like most of his Echidnian kin, can downright hostile towards their natural enemies; the Dingoes. Mace's personal grudge against the Dingoes originates from a young age when he was an infant separated from his family by a Dingo Raid on his home. He assumes his family were also killed by those same Dingoes. However, as he grew up, he learned to let that bitterness go and was much better for it.

Underneath his rough exterior, he's a very caring, fun-loving and an all-around nice guy who wants nothing more than to be with the ones he cares most about and find enjoyment in life. His kind-hearted disposition is the most evident when he risks his life for the sake of others in need. Furthermore, it’s also evident when he cares for or plays with his adopted twin daughters, Jenna and Lianna; A pair of 4-year-old twin foxes he adopted when he found them ragged and starving to death in a Mobian jungle. From choosing to don the role of a father at an early age, he's somewhat overprotective of his adopted daughters, and seldom lets them leave his gang's home base, even when under supervision.

Physical Appearance
Crimson, Orange, Orange-Yellow
Skin Color: Medium tan
Eye Color: Cobalt Blue
Hair/Quill Style: Dreads
Nose: Canine in form
Ears: Wolf-like
Tail: Not as crooked as on most Echidnas and thicker fur

Other Bodily Traits:

Left hand is dominant
Birthmark- The Guardian Crest (The Guardian Crest is the birthmark of every descendant of the Brotherhood of Guardians and Mace is the half-brother of a Guardian after all)
Scar over his right eye - Given to him by his ex-girlfriend: Angele Kyron the Wolf


Dark brown, Aussie-styled Leather hat
Equipment belt
Gun holster and knife sheath
Custom fitting brown leather gloves
Brown leather vest (Goes without it on occasion)
Camo cargo shorts
Jet Boots of his own invention

Items & Weapons:

.50 caliber magnum hand-cannon revolver, dubbed as "Wrecker"
■ A custom made stun knife, made for him by his friend Amelia

A Titanium alloy hunting knife with obsidian-coated edge
Sacred Blackwood with metal crossbow - family heirloom
Various high caliber rifles, including an M77 Ruger Hawkeye

Magic Rings (Also known as Power and Warp Rings) – An object of limitless utility. Used for many purposes. Such as safe travel between outposts, planets and zones, tapped into for the enhancement of meditation or physical power, strategic use in battle or even the power to grant a deep desire.
Grappling hook and line (fed out a warp ring attached to the the bottom of his belt pouch with a rig on the other end anchored to a solid rock wall inside his gang’s hanger/workshop.

An armored custom ATV and a mobile armored suit called the “SLAYER”

Theme song: Hero by Skillet

Back Story: Available upon request.


This colab was started several months ago by my good friend :devIlaMae: and myself in an effort to redesign my main character of my hopefully someday to be online graphic novel, "Prowlers For Hire", which takes place in the Archie's Sonic Comic Universe based upon the cartoon and games… which was conceived as a fan-expansion that I've been working on creating as a hobby since 2008. I hope we can find time to finish this together, or for me to finish it myself, but the odds are against us. Once it's done, I hope to put it in a character profile format and add his revised character bio.

I hope you enjoy our progress so far!

Art by Ila-Mae and FireheartTheInferno
Fire-Heart "Dead-Eye" (Anti) Mace Direwolf is (c) of

Yours Truly,
Hey, folks! I've been working on some new sketched and I've made time to start uploading art again--including works that fell at the wayside, which I had meant to post, but couldn't find time for back then, such as a watercolor painting, and a piece of Fullmetal Alchemist fanart and one character I had planned to draw a few years ago; Izo the Black Panther Shinobi (Ninja) (my other character,  Cassiopeia's cousin). Although it is a work in progress, it's mostly finished and I've already made more progress since I made the scan. I hope you enjoy!

P.S. If anyone is interested, I would be very willing to post links related to/pictures of the live action roleplaying projects (weapons and shields) of my friends and I. They made be homemade foam armaments, but they're not bad =)
  • Listening to: "You Are"
  • Reading: Comments
  • Playing: The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim
  • Drinking: Water


FireheartTheInferno's Profile Picture
Friends call me "Kai"
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
○----Personal Info----○

► Persona Name(s): Mace Direwolf, Fire-Heart, Malachi, Luke Wolfe

► Nickname(s): Kai, Wolfman, Mace, Fire-Heart, Luke, Indiana James

► Gender: Male♂
► Birthdate: June, 24th
► Martial Status: Single

► Height: 5" 8'
► Weight: 153

► Spirit Animal/Totem: Wolf
► Personal Element: Fire
► Star Sign: Cancer/ Virgo
► Birthstone: Moonstone, Sapphire

► "Lucky" Number: 7
► Likes: Close friends, Music, chilling, videogames, weight lifting and practicing martial arts, sleeping, challenging myself, alone time for thinking, stargazing
► Favorite Foods/Drinks: Cheese, many kinds of meat, milkshakes/ice cream, ramen noodles, ginger ale, lemonade
► Favorite Color(s): Blue, Green, Red & Orange
► Dislikes: Being cold, overly bright lights, high-pitched sounds, politics, losing
► Theme Song: Headstrong by Trapt
Personal Mottos: "I won't give in until I give it my all." and "No regrets. No worries."

.: When you Open Your Heart, you can Live and Learn how to Fly Into Freedom and Never Turn Back. In His World you have Endless Possibility so It Doesn't Matter if you Reach for the Stars. I will show my enemies What I'm Made Of :.

..._...|..__________ __________, ,
....../ `---___________---- _____|]
...../_==o;;;;;;;;__ __________.:/
.....), ---.(_(__) /
....// (..) ), ----
..//___// put this gun on your profile if you would jump in front of a bullet for the one you love.

Current Residence: North America
Print preference: color
Favorite genre(s) of music: Rock, Hard Rock, Classic Rock, Techno, Jazz
Favorite style of art: Anime and Manga
Operating System: Windows
Favorite cartoon character(s): Knuckles the Echidna & Rainbow Dash


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:iconkatmaz: - A picture of her character Solena
:iconmpavao7: - Malice and her character Blake having an epic glaring contest


:iconangel-prower: - Haru and Sonic: Back to back


:iconshadow-kissedvamp: - Mace and her character Avalon

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:iconmewmartina: - "Raven trying to kill Cherri"

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