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December 5, 2010
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                Today was a regular Friday at Green Hill Elementary School as Sonic Maurice Hedgehog doodled on a sheet of lined paper.
"Pst. Hey Sonic." Miles Prower, fondly known by his friends as Tails, said quietly as he tried to get Sonic's attention. "What are you drawing?" Tails whispered to his friend, arching his neck to glance at Sonic's paper & trying not to catch their teacher's attention.
"Eggman." Sonic whispered back.
"You shouldn't be drawing that! He'll catch you." Tails whispered back to Sonic, looking concerned for his friend.
"Come on Tails, he'll never even bother to look back here." Sonic said, confident that their teacher wouldn't even care, because he knew how much of a self absorbed blowhard he was.
"When's recess?...I'm bored." Tails and Sonic's echidnian friend, Knuckles muttered in the seat behind them with his head propped up lazily on his left arm.
"Do I hear muttering back there?!" Mr. Robotnik, their plump and cranky teacher, said with a stern sneer he formed as he reared his head by the chalk board at the front of the room. They called him "Eggman" whenever his back was turned, because of his egg-shaped mid-section. Robotnik turned his head completely away from the board, daring someone to speak out of turn. "I won't stand rule breaking in my classroom." He stated as he turned around completely and almost catching Amy whispering to her friend Cream. "You graders schoolers are some trouble!" He growled irritably. "Can't you stay quiet for at least 2 minutes?"
Mr.Robotnik said, looking as cross as usual.
"What's a minute?" Big the Cat said, raising his hand.
"Precisely sixty seconds." Tails said proudly, with his hands folded on his desk in front of him.
"Thank you Mr. Prower" He said with a smile.  "At least someone can keep up with the grade curve." Mr. Robotnik said, grinning for the first time that week.
"Uh… What's a grave curd?" Big asked raising his hand after already spoke and not even waiting to be called on.
"Grrrr!" Their teacher said as his face started to turn into a shade of purple. "Since you children need to understand the importance of education and classmate assistance, I will appoint Tails as teacher of the day!" Mr.Robotnik said, already feeling the burden being lifted from his shoulders.
"Yay!" Tails said, jumping up and running to the front of the room, feeling great joy for being trusted with such a task.
"I'll be in the teacher's lounge if you need me." Mr.Robotnik said taking the newspaper with him, as he retreated from the classroom.
The class remained silent listening to Tail talk about something called Algorithims and how they related to another thing called Algebra, until a few minutes after he left, then everyone sudden cheered with overwhelming happiness. They began to goof off not caring if people in the hallway heard them.
"Awesome!" Knuckles and Sonic said in unison, each grabbing a ruler out of their desks. Promptly jumping up on top of their chairs as began to sword fight using their obtained rulers.
"Uh huh, uh huh!" Big said, doodling with a big purple crayon on the wall. "Big...wuz...hear" He sounded out as he drew it on the wall. "Done! Ha ha! Big signed his name!" He exclaimed dumbly. Big then began making random doodles on the wall all over again. Meanwhile, Amy sat down on Sonic's chair and began to look through his things.
"Ha!" Sonic said blocking a blow from Knuckles's ruler. "Take that!" Sonic said doing a counter attack. Knuckles blocked it just in time.
"Time out" Sonic said making a T-shape with his hands. "Can I see that crayon Big?" Sonic asked kindly.
"Okay Sonic." Big said handing it to him.
"Thanks Big." Sonic said. He began to scribble a picture of Eggman. "Big..fat..meanie." Sonic said as he wrote under his masterpiece. "Thanks Big." Sonic said handing Big the crayon back.
"Yup." Was what Big said before he turned back and continued his pointless doodling on the classroom walls, as Sonic continued his duel with Knuckles. Meanwhile, at the front of the classroom, Rouge opened Mr.Robotnik's drawer of "confiscated" items.
"I found Eggman's secret treasure!" Rouge the Bat said (Sonic Heroes reference lol X3) feeling excited to be reunited with her fake jewelry. "My plastic jewelry!" She stated excitedly. "Let's see now… Knuckles' headband, Amy's love poems, a.k.a. blackmail" Rouge pronounced with a evil smirk. Tails' mechanical pencil capable of seven different functions and it's hand made!" Rouge said stuffing various objects into her small lavender purse. "What else? My makeup, bubblegum…" She continued until she found something most unpleasant.  "Yuk" She said as she stuck out her tongue. Big's toenail clippers!!" she yelped in disgust as she quickly tossed them aside. "Vector's MP3-player and headphones, Sonic's sketches of Eggman, Charmy's honey bars, Espio's ninja stars, and Cream's lollypops." Listing the items as she crammed them into her tiny purse. Then she promptly walked back to her desk, jamming her overstuffed purse in her desk. She sat down at her desk, with her feet resting on top, humming to herself as she filed her nails with one hand, while she checked how many detention passes she swiped along with everything else. Meanwhile, Amy Rose and Cream the Rabbit, plus Cream's pet Chao, Cheese stapled pillows that they snuck from the teacher lounge to the carpet and started bouncing on them.
"Guys!" Tails shouted trying to get everyone's attention amidst the chaos. "I won't get this job ever again if you do this!!" Tails screamed.
"Don't worry buddy" Sonic reassured his friend. "I'll take the blame for this." Sonic said as he pointed to himself.
"Really?" Tails asked, as Sonic and Knuckles tied him to a chair.
"Yeah, we'll just say that we did it against your will." Knuckles said as he slapped a piece of duct tape to Tails' mouth.
"Thabnks guyz." Tails mumbled through the tape.
"No prob." Sonic said, giving him a thumbs up. He then picked up his ruler at the same time Knuckles did and commenced their ruler duel.
Not too far away, Vector the Crocodile started shooting spitballs at his friend Charmy Bee, who was on the other side of the room returning fire.
"Cease fire!" Vector yelled at Charmy as he was pelted by all of Charmy's spitballs at once, directly in the face.
"Plah!" Vector said wiping off the slimy projectiles. "I saaaid, cease fire!!" Vector shouted.
"Okay." Charmy said, glad he had gotten a free shot.
Vector briefly scanned the room looking for a certain companion of his.
"Hey Charmy, where's Espio?" Vector said scratching his head while he wondered where his chameleon friend was.
"I don't know" Charmy said innocently.
Meanwhile, Espio was about to have his own fun: Espio crept into the Teacher's Lounge while using his camouflaging technique to become invisible. He grinned when he saw that his overweight teacher, Mr. Robotnik, was snoring loudly with the Sunday paper over his face. Espio quietly snuck up to him, but froze in place when he began to mumble in his sleep. Espio smiled and quickly turned on his handy tape recorder.
"Mmph, Mother I don't need to go on a fruit diet, I'm fine the way I am!" He shouted in his sleep, through the newspaper on his face. Espio snickered at the thought that Eggman's body shape was anything close to fine.
"Grrr! I'll get those kids for putting me on the Weight Watcher's most wanted list! They're going to pay for this!" He yelled in his sleep.
Espio sighed, remembering all the other pranks they pulled on their tyrant of a school instructor. He remembered the time Sonic put a tack on Eggman's seat with such uncanny speed that appeared like he hadn't moved at all. Then their teacher sat down and after doing a dance of pain around the classroom and screaming like a ninny, he informed Sonic that he just received a "one-way ticket" to the principal's office, but no one knew what that meant at the time, all they knew that he was in trouble, BIG trouble. And it was too, however there wasn't enough evidence to convict Sonic, so the principal simply let him go.
Then there was the time that Tails rewired the TV in the classroom and made it capable of playing video games instead of just movies! On several different occasions they also trashed his car. From what he remembered they broke his windows with rocks 3 times (consecutively), popped the tires 4 times each, put stink bombs in the glove box and trunk.
He also remembered the time he, Vector and Charmy locked the keys in Mr. Robotnik car during a blizzard forcing him to walk home in the snow. A while ago they had rigged the coffee machine in the teacher's Lounge to explode the next time it was used, when they're teacher went to get coffee that morning. On top of it, Robotnik was always first to the coffee machine in the morning. The blast literally saturated his clothes with the caffeinated drink. He then had to go home back to his house to get a clean set of work clothes only to discover that he had forgot to do the laundry that morning.  
"Hmm, good times… and I think it's safe to say that the good times will never end." Espio thought as he began to put baby clothes on his teacher's other clothes, starting with a red bonnet that said, "Mamma's boy" and a large red bib that had the words "Don't feed the beast" painted on it. "I love pranks" Espio said to himself.  Espio took a pictures with a disposable camera, smirking and trying not to laugh as he quickly snuck away.
"There you are," Vector said crossing his arms as Espio walked up to him.
"Where've you been?! Me and Charmy were forced to start the world's biggest spitball war without ya!" Vector said looking disappointed. "We already used three pounds of lined paper!" Vector said pointing to a half-foot tall pile of used spitballs, close to where he was standing.
"Yeah Espio," Charmy said flying over to the both of them. "We were afraid you were going to miss all the fun."Charmy said.
"Sorry guys, I guess I was a little busy getting this." Espio said pulling out the photo and the tape recorder with a large smile on his face.
"Huh?" Vector and Charmy said with a puzzled looks on they're faces as they both looked at the photo. When Charmy and Vector saw the photo they fell flat on their backs and all three of them started cracking up, "Espio… i-is this… is this real?" Vector said slowly, because he trying to catch his breath after laughing so hard. Espio nodded with a smile on his face.
"This is the greatest thing since the CD player!" Vector proclaimed.
"And honey!" Charmy added excitedly.
"But listen to this, it gets even better." Espio said as he pressed play on his hand held tape recorder. And after hearing the recording of their teacher rant in his sleep about having to go on a strict fruit diet. Charmy and Vector instantly started laughing even harder, they all were laughing so hard that they were almost crying.
Unfortunately, their activities had not gone unnoticed, cause that's when they heard it. Everyone froze when an echoing boom reverberated across the halls.
A one-shot Sonic fic that I made from memory of an RP me and my younger bother had. The original was much longer, and it included a treehouse for the gang, and Julie-Su was later incorperated as a new student, whom Knuckles falls head over heels in love with.

It's been three years since I first wrote it, so I fixed most of my mistakes, and I almost finished it. I decided to put it up as a "Sorry I haven't gotten work done cause i've been sick gift"
I left it off at a cliff hanger, but I intend to finish it later.
I hope you like it.

All character are the property of :iconsegalogoplz: and the :iconsonicteamplz:
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